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Valuable Licensed Real Estate Resources
Chimney Inspectors
831.688.0509  Ben Sotero, Sotero Masonry
831.438.6245  Corcoran Chimney Cleaning
City of Santa Cruz
831.420.5120  Building
831.420.5100  Planning/Zoning
831.420.5220  Water/Sewer/Garbage/Recycling signups and disconnect
City of Scotts Valley
831.440.5630  Building
831.440.5630  Planning
County of Santa Cruz
831.454.2002  Assessor's office
831.454.2580  Planning and Zoning, walk-ins between 8am-noon
831.454.2130  Zoning, calls only between 1-4:30pm
831.454.2503  Proposition 60, DJ Lewis (T-F:  7am-5:30)
Drainage/Foundation/Geologic Contractors
408.847.6449  Chad Bouton, Bouton Construction (Chad's cell:  408.375.0829)
831.426.1681  Jom Porter, Porter Construction
Environmental Consultants
831.469.4707  Noel, Cal-Lead (lead and mold discovery and testing)
408.961.9191  John Eckstein, ECA Mold, (indoor air quality and mold testing) (John's cell:  650.888.6951)
408.885.0287  ServiceMaster Clean, (Cody's cell:  408.921.9731) emergencies, mold remediation, etc.
831.430.0441  Jose Zevala, Hardwood floors  (Jose's cell:  831.239.3618)
831.818.5291  Ernesto Castro,  Hardwood floors
831.688.4049  David Johnston, Coastal Floors
Foundation Contractors
831.479.4389  Roger, Avalon Structural Inc., (Roger's cell:  831.566.6743)
831.464.8862  Michael Foss, Kendall Contractors Inc. (Michael's cell:  831.234.9371)
General Contractors (Licensed) 
831.689.9133  Jeff Talmadge, Talmadge Construction
831.239.5354  Taichi Dean, TND Construction
Home Inspectors
831.345.7007  Jason Gingery, Viewpoint Inspections
831.338.6269  Clive Belvoir, Country Home Inspections
Masonry Contractors
831.462.6053  Jesse, Carrington Stone Masons
831.688.0509  Ben Sotero, Sotero Masonry
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
408.398.1523  Chuck Wood
Pest Inspectors
831.475.5544  Ray Barrs, DeAngelo Pest Control (Ray's cell:  831.753.6170)
4-Less Termite (call me for number)
Bob Wheeler Termite (call me for number)
Santa Cruz Municipal Utilities (SCMU)
831.420.5200  Water, Garbage, Recycling, Green Waste, Sewer
Septic Systems
831.688.1564  Pete's Outflow Technicians
831.335.1393  Ed, The Honeybucket Man (Ed's cell:  831.246.1621)
Spa Mover
831.597.5975  Jeff Wood